London, UK

The Beginning


South London Makers is furniture designer David Marsden, with his brother Steven Marsden, a designer and illustrator, on board for creative collaboration. The duo specialises in the design and installation of exhibition stands, shop fronts, bars, cafes and restaurants, managing and overseeing projects from concept to completion.

Using their combined technical and art direction skills, the South London Makers blend functionality with a powerful aesthetic that pays attention to experiential and interactive elements of design. With some exciting new clients and projects in the pipeline, South London Makers are proving to be a new presence in the world of design.


Design for everything.
Coupled with the fastidious ability to make it come to life.



The First Venture


After saving his wages from the Nagano apprenticeship, Chef Sakamoto took out a loan and opened Chotto Kai, his first restaurant in Tokyo. Using simple, seasonal ingredients, he was able to bring the luxury of kaiseki to all. Because he incorporated some of the Hong Kong flavors his mother had inspired in him, Chotto Kai was both a huge success and a unique contribution to Tokyo’s culinary landscape.

During his eighth year at Chotto Kai, he befriended ramen shop owner Rei Fukui. Chef Sakamoto had stopped by her front stall for a quick dinner and fell instantly in love with her take on the springy yet soft noodle. Every ingredient was meticulously prepared, just like each kaiseki course.